Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso Poggiobello


Refosco is undoubtedly the most widespread native red grape vine in Northeastern Italy. Austere and elegant, it has ‘rustic’ tannins that are tamed during refining. Genuine and authentic, it boasts the feel of an ancient wine. Part of a varied family of rich vines, Refosco dal Penducolo Rosso has become known for the typical color of its peduncles that become red during ripening. It is the noblest grape available, capable of giving rise to prestigious wines with excellent nervature and optimal body.


  • Grapes: Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso 100%
  • Origin: Oleis di Manzano, owned vineyards
  • Training method: Guyot
  • Plant density: 4.000 vine stumps per hectare
  • Grape yield: approx. 70 quintals per hectare
  • Alcohol : 13.5%


6 bottles stored horizontally of 750ml

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These are the last of the red grapes to be harvested. After crushing, the marcs are left to macerate in contact with the musts for 4-5 days in large steel vats at temperatures ranging between 25° and 28° C. Frequent pumping over allows for optimal color extraction and good wine body. Malolactic fermentation is carried out and the wine is placed in 30-hectoliter casks for approximately 4 months. An in-bottle refining stage follows, which lasts at least 4 months.


Intensely ruby-red, it boasts shades of violet. The nose will delight in its ample bouquet recalling red-berry fruit. It appears pleasantly rustic and, its cherry flavor shines through with particular strength. To the mouth, it is broad, winey, fresh and extremely aromatic with noble tannins that have been pleasantly softened during the refining process. Intense and persistent, it finishes with a slightly balsamic aftertaste.


This wine is perfect for dishes inspired by country-style traditions, featuring pork, wild board, melted cheese and hearty soups.