Pinot Nero Poggiobello


Pinot Nero is a vine that originated in the Borgogna area and it is cultivated quite frequently in northern Italy as well. Often used to produce sparkling wines, it is known for the natural acidity of its grapes. In some particularly prestigious winemaking areas, it is used to make reds, giving rise to elegant still wines.  


  • Grapes: Pinot Nero 100%
  • Origin: Friuli, owned vineyards
  • Training method: Guyot and Sylvoz
  • Plant density: 4,500 vine stumps per hectare
  • Grape yield: approx. 65 quintals per hectare
  • Alcohol : 13.5%


6 bottles stored horizontally of 750ml

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These de-stemmed grapes are pressed and their skins are left to macerate in musts at controlled temperatures (26°C), for 4-5 days, to allow for the natural transfer of color from the grapes to the must. After wine-production which occurs in steel, the wine is placed in large durmast 35-hl barrels for 4 months. Later, the bottled wine is left to rest for at least three months.


This ruby-red wine has a characteristic orange rim. Its scent is distinct and singular, recalling red fruits, particularly raspberry. To the palate it proves pleasantly dry, extremely elegant and velvety, with long-lasting persistence.


It lends itself well to enhancing dishes like livornese-style fish or tuna in pastry crust. This elegant wine is often enjoyed with high-brow, elaborate cuisine.