Pinot grigio Poggiobello


This international vine has been cultivated in Friuli since the first half of the nineteenth century. In the Friuli’s marly terrain, it found a habitat that gives its grapes optimal body and an aromatic nature. The name of this wine derives from the bronze-like color of its grapes, which used to give the wine a distinct ‘gray’ shade—when wine-making techniques were not as refined as they are today.


  • Grapes: Pinot Grigio 100%
  • Origin: Friuli, owned vineyards
  • Training system: Guyot and Sylvoz
  • Plant density: 4.500 vine stumps per hectare
  • Grape yield: approx. 70 quintals per hectare
  • Alcohol: 12.5%


6 bottles stored horizontally of 750ml

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Whole grapes are placed in the press, where they are softly squeezed. Winemaking occurs in white, immediately separating the skins from the musts, in steel vats at controlled temperatures. Partial malolactic fermentation is then carried out and the wine remains in yeast-filled steel containers for six months. It is then bottled and left to rest in glass for two more months.


To the nose, this distinct yellow wine expresses an aromatic range that’s broad and elegant. The typical aroma of hay combines with floral scents and hints of walnut. It has an optimal body and the palate will recognize its full-bodied vigorous nature, characterized by intense fruit flavors that give it balance.


This wine is well-matched with rich, important dishes like Bolognese-style lasagna, eggplant parmesan, pasta alla Norma and cold-cuts like culatello from Emilia, Venetian soppressa and Tuscan finocchiona.