When you get to the top of the hill where the Vinery is situated, it is easy to see why it is called ‘Poggiobello’ (Beautifull Hill): the view embraces 90 hectares of vineyards, arranged in orderly rows on terraces, facing south in the direction of the sea and northwards towards the white-topped Alps mountains. Friuli has always been considered a territory of choice for its production of white wines and the ‘Colli Orientali’ represent one of the top denominations of the wine produce of this region. On these hills vines have been grown for hundreds of years and the tradition has been continued and renewed to produce really top-quality wines: Poggiobello is an expression of this potential, producing markedly typical wines with modern technology while still respecting the character of the single grapes.

Our Story

When Genagricola acquired Azienda Agricola Poggiobello in 1974, its vineyards covered a small surface area of only 12 hectares. This territory is internationally recognized as one of Italy’s best for the production of white wine and its extraordinary potential proved a driving force behind the decision to invest in these vineyards. The company gradually initiated a series of lot acquisitions near the Company’s the winery. It then carried out significant projects aimed at improving the land’s conditions, moving on to create canals for draining rain water. Additionally, it constructed terraced vineyards and planted new vineyards, thereby becoming the largest single-plot wine-making company in the Colli Orientali del Friuli area. The company now boasts a surface area of 110-hectares, ninety of which host cultivated vineyards. It grows ancient indigenous varieties like Ribolla Gialla, Friulano, Refosco, Verduzzo Friulano and Picolit (of which Poggiobello owns the largest portion of the Colli Orientali Consortium). Moreover, the company also grows the most known international varieties such as merlot and sauvignon , which have been cultivated in this territory for centuries. The next phase of the project aimed at enhancing Poggibello focused on the modernization of our cellars and the construction of a aging room that’s dug into the hillside, which currently serves as the Company’s headquarters. Today, the cellars employ modern equipment and use small tanks to keep the wines from each individual vineyard separate.

The territory

La Ponca, a hill, gathers the breezes that come from the nearby Giulie Alps blow toward the Adriatic. These are elements that endow Poggiobello wines with their unmistakable character. Just outside the town of Oleis, in the municipality of Monzano, Poggiobello’s sloping sun-drenched vineyards are neatly arranged on 90 hectares of terraced land. It is difficult for the vines to find the nutrients they need in this ancient landscape called Ponca; it’s stratified and powdery characteristics give these wines their distinct mineral feel. Cool breezes from the Giulie Alps, located north of the company, allow the grapes to capture the fruity aromas that typify all of Poggiobello’s wines. With an altitude that ranges from 80 to 250 meters, the hill’s slope facilitates the running of water toward the vineyard, while exposing them to ample sunlight. These factors allow the wines to acquire their body and pleasant, typical concentration.

The philosophy

Poggiobello’s interpretive choices are totally directed at proposing wines that uphold the unaltered, original characteristics of the grapes from which they are made. Each wine is solely produced with the grapes indicated on its label. Our company does not propose blends, assemblages or interpretations and barrique use is short-term and limited to red wines. Our wines express two ‘distinct’ features that are highly celebrated by connoisseurs and aficionados. Firstly, there’s the typical nature of the territory, which gives rise to wines with optimal body and a deeply aromatic nature. Secondly, the special characteristics of the grapes used to make our wines are of key importance.

The vineyards

Real treasure and pride of the Company are the vineyards that surround the cellars: the indispensable starting point to infuse the wines of Poggiobello their unmistakable character. 110 hectares of vines, cover almost all of Poggiobello land, from the foot of the hills up behind the cellar. On ordered terraces, various types of plant breeding, reflecting different agricultural choices, aiming to optimize the quality of each grape, depending on the positioning and solar exposure. An agronomist dedicated to monitoring and daily take care of the vineyards ensures that healthy grow grapes and the organoleptic characteristics that give life to the wines of Poggiobello.

The Cellar

The Poggiobello wine cellars have been renovated since 2004: carved into the hill that houses the Company, they are entirely buried and have an almost constant temperature of around 17 ° C throughout the course of the year. In 2004 they have been joined (and largely replaced) to vitrified cement tanks, new stainless steel tanks, chilled and constantly monitored electronically, to ensure the temperature-controlled fermentation of white wines, so important to keep the primary aromas and fruity grapes. A barrel, the deepest part of the wine cellar, houses red wines that need a short aging in wood: fifty French oak barrels in which wines they stop for a few months before being bottled.